Inside the Making of The Golden Rule


  • I would like to share some information regarding the book.  Maybe give you some insight into the novel series as a whole, but focus on elements of the first book “The Golden Rule”.
  2. LOCATION: United States : Colorado and other western states
  3. MYTHOLOGY: Various Native American
  4. ELEMENT: Fire
  5. ETYMOLOGY: Musicians who utilized the mathematical numerical value of 1.61803398875, various cultural meanings that focus on personality traits, and former students names who fit the character types I utilized to tell the story.
  6. MAJOR THEMES: Nature Preservation, Familial Bonds, Courage, and Trust.

I would love to give more! But I don’t want to give too much away 😀 I hope that you find some of these points intriguing and interesting and are curious to see how they are utilized in the book!  Pick up your digital copy today and find out!

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Now Available!

I am very excited to say that “The Golden Rule” Book One of the “Books of Phi” is now available for digital download through Amazon.  All devices can download the free Kindle app (even mac items) and utilize the digital download.  Please visit Amazon and get your copy today!

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